Austral Pin Cylinder

Austral Pin Cylinder

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Double Pin Cylinder for Security Door locks.

  • Removable chamber cover for quick re-pinning.
  • Bright Chrome Plated.
  • Lockwood C4 or Gainsborough compatible keyways.
  • 62mm length. (70mm length also available)
  • Keyed alike or keyed differently.
  • Floating cam.

NOTE: Ultimate and UlimateXC security door locks must use AA8 Cylinder

Please note: Austral door locks have been designed for use with Austral Cylinders. The use of other cylinders will void all warranties and guarantees.


The product must be installed according to the instructions included in the product packaging and the door should be apertured according to the door “cut-out” dimensions and tolerances shown.

Prior to fitting ensure that:

  • Doors stored on site are stored in a clean dry area free from cement, lime, paint, acid etc.

During fitting of the lock ensure that:

  • No metal swarf or other contaminants enter the lock body.
  • The fixing screws do not damage the product finish.

After installation of the door ensure that:

  • The door is correctly adjusted with the correct clearances.
  • The lock engages the strike/catch plate correctly.
  • The door is protected from building fall-out such as wet plaster, mortar, paint and welding splatter.

If the door becomes contaminated:

  • Do not paint the lock body or faceplate.
  • Remove wet plaster, cement, mortar and other droppings immediately, using ample clean water and a sponge or rag, to avoid permanent staining or scratching of the product finish. If removal is delayed and scraping becomes necessary the surface finish may suffer.